Well, here’s a little bit of AU-deja-vu:

In January 2020, I received a text from a friend:  she’d heard This American Life’s episode 691, “Gardens of Branching Paths,” and my song “Alternate Universe” (from my 2009 release, Thoughts at an Intersection) ended the episode, played a little before, and during, and after, the closing credits.  My friend wanted to know:  was I aware of this?  (this was on WBEZ, or 91.5 fm in the Chicago area)

No, as a matter of fact, this was a complete surprise!  I was so grateful she let me know, or I might’ve missed this unexpected joy completely.  (And this is why friends should always tell friends when they hear them on air! 🙂 )

The episode is about alternate realities.  Right up my alley, and my song (about an alternate universe, where everything goes my way) was a perfect fit.  I don’t even know, at this writing, how they found it — I don’t remember sending my album to that show! — but I couldn’t have been happier.  (very alternate universe-ish, I might add!)

Now, forward to yesterday (4/16/2021).  Another friend tells me that she heard my song, and this episode, last night (also on WBEZ), and that it might be re-played again today (it was!)  This time I knew it would be re-broadcast, but wasn’t told when that might be.  Thank goodness for friends, my friends, or we’d all probably miss out on a lot!

You can listen to the show (and my song) at the link above.  You can listen to my song on iTunes and Bandcamp and more (and you can download the song at Bandcamp, or the entire album… or any of my other songs/albums, too!).

I’ve been in the Alternate Universe all week, I’m sure I’ll be “falling through the hidden trap door/ back to my regular universe” soon enough, but ya gotta enjoy it while you can.  I hope YOU enjoy YOUR alternate universe, too!

Looks like I'm in my Alternate Universe, where everything's going my way!

Sue in her Alternate Universe (photo: David Sameshima)