For those who, like me, are true Springsteen fans from way back:  I highly recommend this show, go if you can.  Bruce is doing a one-man show (although Patti Scialfa joins him for 2 songs).  It’s not a concert; rather, it’s theater, with the character of Bruce played by Bruce!  He tells personal stories, then sings his songs so we can see how they relate to his life.  He sings them differently, causing us to really listen to the words and get new meanings.  He allows to time-travel to our pasts, to remember when we first heard these songs; but also to be cognizant that we, like Bruce, are decades older now… it’s a bittersweet but beautiful trip, amazing to be in the past and present at the same time.  Springsteen has come full circle, telling stories to a hushed audience — like he did when he first started.  I loved it!

No picture-taking during the show; but here’s a picture of the stage prior to the show beginning, and a picture of Bruce taking his bow.  So glad I was able to witness this! <3