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Additional Credits: Sue is blessed to have talented friends helping her every step of the way: Rebecca Jasso, who created/designed my Cicadas; Mary Lewis, who helps with ALL Sue’s product designs; and Annie Capps, who also helped with Cicada Deflector product design (as well as designing this website!). And all the musicians who are credited on the CICADASUITE: Jane Godfrey, Amy Dixon-Kolar, Patti Shaffner, and of course John Abbey. It takes a village to release a cicada!

* To learn more about all things cicada, visit Lovingly curated, this site contains facts, photos, videos, and more. A wonderful and fun resource!


What’s Happening: A once-in-our-lifetime event is about to occur throughout the Midwest: Exactly every 221 years, Brood XIII (the 17-year cicada) and Brood XIX (the 13-year cicada) emerge at the same time, after their respective number of years underground.

Meaning: in 2024, cicadas will emerge in the Midwest in the BILLIONS! They shed their exoskeletons, unfurl new wings, and, if they’re not immediately eaten by their many predators, sing (at ear-splitting decibels) and mate for a few short weeks before they die.

Sue Fink has been obsessed with cicadas for years. In 2021, Sue released her Cicada Suite – two cicada-related original songs – on specially created cicada-shaped flash drives, to commemorate the emergence of Brood X (an East coast 17-year brood), which coincided with our emergence from pandemic isolation. “Don’t Berate a Cicada” is a jazzy little number of cicada factoids; “Hymn of the Cicada” is a heartfelt song from the cicada’s point of view. Until Sue researched cicadas online for her songs,* she never realized how much she personally identified with the cicada!

Now, in 2024, these songs are available to download or stream; a small brood of flash drive mementos also remains.

New: Cicada Deflector Caps (& Hats)!

Sue designed “deflector” hats especially for this emergence. “Cicadas will be dropping from the trees,” she states. “Also – how to put this delicately? – according to an NPR article, cicadas urinate in jet streams, rather than droplets. That’s not in my songs! But wear your Cicada Deflector Cap, look cool, and avoid the deluge!”

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CICADASUITE flash drives are shipped directly from Sue; the price includes shipping.  All other products are shipped directly from the manufacturer and are made “on demand” (meaning they’re created when you order them); shipping charges are separate. “Click a Pic” to read product description and, if desired, add to cart.