Music Programs for Adults

Sue performs her musical and instructional programs for adults of all ages.

Her programs are ideal for these venues/groups (click to expand):


Library programs are typically 50-60 minutes, and can be tailored to meet your library’s specific needs.  These programs are family-friendly, but they’re geared towards adult audiences. Most popular “themed” programs, seem to be “Humor in Song” and “Romance Gone Wrong” (and Sometimes Right!)”  Programs include Sue’s original songs and standards.

Sue also performs non-themed, general music performances, either solo, or as SongSisters (trio) or Catbird (duo).

House Concerts, Concert Venues, Listening Series

Sue performs “themed” programs, or a general concert.  Performances may be two 45-50 minute sets, or – especially for mid-week house concerts – one 60-minute set.  Sue tailors her show to meet your needs.

If Sue is “new” to your audience, you may prefer a themed show to generate additional interest.

Private Events

Private Events include luncheons, special celebrations, book clubs, and other intimate gatherings.  Sue’s shows can be tailored to your needs and interests.  For example, as CatBird, Sue and Jane Godfrey performed following a luncheon that celebrated a group of retired teachers.  They selected songs to appeal specifically to this group.  Or, after your book club discussion, be entertained by a witty selection of story-songs!

Themed or general, non-themed shows may either be one 50-60 minute set, or two 45-50 minute sets with a social break.  Contact Sue to discuss!

Adult Education, Colleges

Sue’s concert programs expand to include songwriting discussion/instruction as well.  Topics can include character development in song, how to tell a story in song form, capturing a moment in time, and “time travel” (via memory, to the past, or future, and back to the present) vs. linear story-songs.  Programs can be workshop format, or multiple sessions on a weekly basis.

Writers Groups, Organizations, Retreats

Sue’s programs can offer a musical break – pure entertainment after a long day’s work – or, she can be part of your program, offering insight into her songwriting process and how that may be applied to other disciplines as well. Concerts can be enhanced with lecture, instruction, or discussion, as best fits your needs.

Independent & Assisted Living, Senior Centers

Sue’s programs are designed for seniors who enjoy listening to both new and familiar songs.  These are joyful programs designed to leave the listeners feeling good about who they are.

Programs currently offered include:

Humor in Song

There’s hilarity, absurdity, black humor, gentle humor, and satire, for starters. Sue shares it all in a musically varied, witty performance, guaranteed to lighten your spirit. Laughter truly is good for the soul!

Romance Gone Wrong (and Sometimes Right!)

Break-ups, wayward hearts… in real life not so fun, but heartache makes for great love songs! Sue entertains with original songs of modern romance, as well as timeless classics that will make your heart sing.

Treasures and Time Travel

Why do we keep certain artifacts from our past (letters, trinkets, etc.)? What memories do they evoke? Through song, Sue explores “time travel” based on memories/relics that we choose to keep.

Story Songs

Nothing better than a good story to stir the soul and inspire the imagination. Sue shares her humorous, whimsical, poignant, sometimes magical – and always memorable – musical tales, and the inspirations behind them.

Characters and Connections

Memorable characters, fictional or otherwise, provide insight into our own lives. Sue sings of characters whom you’ll still be thinking about, long after the program is over.

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