Cicada Suite Flash Drive


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Sue professionally recorded her Cicada Suite (“Don’t Berate a Cicada,” and “Hymn of the Cicada”) with musician/recording engineer John Abbey, aided by musician friends (vocals and sonic instrumental surprises).  Next, her talented songwriter/artist friend, Rebecca Jasso, designed a cicada-shaped flash drive, aptly named CICADASUITE.  This fully functional (1GB) and adorable drive contains both songs, in .mp3 and .wav format; beautifully designed lyric sheets; and “album cover” design, with full musician and art credits.  (Rebecca also created the “Jaunty Cicada” character who presides on the artwork and cicada deflector caps!)

There are only a limited number of the CICADASUITE “brood” still available.  Each CICADASUITE is lovingly placed in a “leaf band” art card (designed by Mary Lewis); then card and cicada are wrapped in a delicate organza bag.  A delightful gift for yourself and your cicada-loving friends!