Dear friends,

Are you as amazed as I am that it’s Already August?  Time is moving so quickly these days.  So, this is just a brief hello with the following notes:

  • Updated shows are in my calendar at  I’m particularly excited about August’s and September’s upcoming events!  Some are outdoors, all are varied and interesting and fun.  Please check ’em out!
  • Cicadas.  I’ve taken my two cicada-related songs and released them on a cicada-shaped flash drive, created specifically for this project, aka CICADASUITE!  Included are the lyrics, artworks, credits, and of course the songs (in both .mp3 and .wav format).  But you can read all about this project at  Beautifully packaged and affordably priced ($12 ea + shipping), they are fun keepsakes of these times, as the Brood X cicadas emerged after 17 years underground (all over the East coast), as the annual cicadas sing their end of summer song, and as WE emerge from our pandemic isolation after quite a long year-plus.  In fact:  I created a little “commercial,” if you will.  No reason to watch it here, as you can go straight to my Cicada Suite page… but it’s kind of entertaining, so if you’d like, here’s the link:

That’s it for now.  Trying to stay created and connected, and hoping to see you soon! <3